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Empower Your Survey Process with Advanced Creation Tools, Robust Security Features, and In-Depth Analytics. Experience Unparalleled Efficiency in Survey Management and Reporting.

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Intuitive design, robust management, and dynamic analytics for modern survey needs

Tailor-Made Surveys.
Design engaging surveys with a variety of question types to capture the insights you need.
Exclusive Entry Codes.
Ensure respondent authenticity with unique six-digit access codes for each survey.
Seamless Participant Management.
Keep your participants organized and managed efficiently within your dashboard.
In-depth Analytics.
Transform responses into actionable insights with advanced analytics and reporting features.
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Enhanced Productivity

Real Benefits, Real Feedback

Unlock the full potential of survey data with a platform designed for agility and insight. Our users see profound impacts:

Experience the transformative power of our survey platform. Whether you're reaching out to a few individuals or connecting with a global audience, our tools are designed for adaptability and precision. With our platform, you can craft surveys that resonate with your audience, providing insights that drive strategic decisions. From the speed of setup to the depth of data analysis, our service empowers you to act on reliable information, fostering better engagement and more meaningful results.

  • 10,000+ Surveys Each month, our platform enables the creation and deployment of over 10,000 surveys, showcasing our scalability and reliability in data collection.
  • Global Reach Our services are trusted by clients across more than 50 countries, highlighting our global footprint and the versatility of our survey tools.
  • 35% Higher Response Surveys conducted via our platform see an average increase of 35% in response rates, indicating higher engagement and valuable feedback.
  • Time Halved Our intuitive design and streamlined processes have cut survey setup times by half, significantly boosting productivity for all our users.

Our commitment is to drive your success through insightful data and efficient survey management.

Efficiency Redefined in Survey Management

Our platform takes the complexity out of survey creation and data analysis. No server setup, no downtime, just smooth, uninterrupted access to crafting and managing your surveys. We're dedicated to providing a seamless experience so you can focus on extracting the insights that matter most. With us, you have the assurance of continuous, scalable survey operations, optimized for responsiveness and user engagement. Embrace the simplicity of our advanced survey tools and let the data drive your decisions.

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About the team

We’re a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about what we do and dedicated to delivering the best results for our clients.

  • Dan Johnson


    Dan is the CEO and is the first line of contact and conversation for JurorSearch clients, including public defenders, county prosecutors, jury consultants and law firms. He wants to know how to make the DataDrox experience even better for you.

  • Saeed Richardson


    Saeed is the CTO. He has over 15 years in full-stack, responsive application development. Saeed is a graduate of the schools of Divinity and Social Service Administration from the University of Chicago, and holds a bachelor’s degree from VA Tech.

  • Sai K K

    Senior Software Engineer

    Sai is the senior developer and head of Quality Assurance. He runs Xplorebits, an Anantapur-based growing software development company.

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